If you are a writer, artist, editor, letterer, publisher, printer, distributor, etc., especially of "all ages" comics then I want to hear from you. I'd love to hear your unique perspective on creating comic books and to share it with kids here at this blog. Please contact me at the email below for details.

If you are a comic book creator, or publisher of "all ages" comic books/graphic novels and would like to provide me with material to review for recommendation on this blog, please contact me about where to send your publications. I spend too much of my day writing and researching on a computer and prefer to read things the old fashioned way as material printed on paper that I can hold in my hand. I find that reading pdf files on my computer is not enjoyable and does not allow me to immerse myself in the narrative flow of a story, so please do not email me material for review. If you'd like to make an inquiry as to whether or not something might interest me, then email correspondence is fine. Again, my email is:

Thank you,

John Rozum